Darts Scoreboard

Best Darts Scoreboards for Accurate Counting

As well as being great for hand-eye coordination, a proven stress reliever, and a great way to socialise, darts is also a workout for the brain.

As the aim of the game is to count down from a certain amount to zero, some speedy maths is required to keep the game flowing. Luckily, these scoreboards can give you a helping hand.


SIZE: 60x30cm WEIGHT: 0.8kg

A traditional board that allows you to score in the old fashioned way.

This is a wipe-clean chalkboard, the type that has been hanging on the walls of dart clubs and pubs for generations.

It has four scoring columns and enough space to enter everybody’s score in a size that is visible to both the players and spectators.

If you are looking for a basic board at a good price then this would be the one for you.

• Good price
• Traditional style
• Easy to read


SIZE: 26.5 x 3 x 19cm WEIGHT: 0.9kg

A great board for the club or at home that has a host of great features.

The Dart Deluxe has been designed to replicate the layout of a mobile phone keyboard layout meaning that the format should be familiar to everyone.

It displays scores, legs, sets, and even calculates per dart and per throw averages.

It also features a practice mode that allows you to play against the computer.

If, that wasn’t enough, it even has a function that allows you to draw raffle numbers – randomly generating a number from 1-999!

• Raffle number facility
• Solo play function
• Host of features


SIZE: 47x50cm WEIGHT: 0.12kg

An extra-large, wipe-clean board that is perfect for the beginner.

This is a great size board that is clear, easy to use, and can be simply attached to a wall using the fitting supplied.

It is supplied with a good quality pen that will see you through a great many games without fading.

It also comes with a wiper that is long-lasting and will clean the board time and again without leaving those ‘ghosting’ marks that can be so annoying on some other boards of this type!

• Easy to put up
• Comes with a pen
• No ‘ghosting’


SIZE: 38.1x 27.94 x 5.08 cm WEIGHT: 0.38kg

A great board that lets you play a range of fun and challenging games.

This board allows up to 8 players to enjoy games ranging from cricket, shoot-out, forty-one, and many more.

It had an innovative handicap option so that players of all abilities can take each other on without having to work out complicated scoring anomalies.

It also has a powerful LED light that displays the score and has a great auto-off feature that conserves the battery when not in use.

• Auto-off
• Range of games
• Bright LED


SIZE: 38x 5.08 x 27 cm WEIGHT: 0.4kg

A compact electronic board that will speed up and improve your game.

This board will calculate your scores and keep track of which game, leg, and set you are playing in order that you can just concentrate on the darts themselves.

It has a practice mode along with a fun ‘solo-checkout’ feature and error checking facility that will prevent you from entering invalid scores.

It also has a built-in memory backup should the power get disconnected and a player indicator LED.

It is fully wall mountable.

• Memory backup
• Wall mountable
• Bright LED