Dart Mats

Best Dart Mats to Protect Your Floor

Darts mats are a great investment. They protect your darts from the floor (and the floor from your darts!). They help your feet to grip. They show the players where to stand. And, they protect your carpet from the thousands of trips made to and from the board. Let’s roll a few out…


SIZE: 300 x 61 x 0.4cm WEIGHT: 7.2kg

A heavy-duty, professional mat at a good price.

This mat is made from tough, robust rubber and, once in place, is certainly heavy enough to stay there.

It has four different throwing lengths marked (from 7’6” through to 8’6”).

It is comfortable underfoot and anti-slip.

The one thing to watch out for is that it has quite a strong rubber odour when first delivered. Don’t worry, after a day or so this airs out and disappears!

• Tough, robust rubber
• Anti-slip
• Four throwing distances


SIZE: 237 x 79cm WEIGHT: 2.62kg

An eye-catching mat with a great looking dart board motif.

This is a colourful mat that certainly looks the part. The large dartboard motif looks great against the dark mat and the red edging gives it a lovely, professional finish.

It has a fully non-slip latex backing which holds up well against wear and tear and will not crumble unlike some cheaper options.

It is very low maintenance. Any spillages scan can be wiped away simply using a cloth and warm water.

• Easy clean
• Tough latex backing
• Looks great


SIZE: 230 x 62cm WEIGHT: 2.04kg

A World Champions floor protecting mat from a great name in the sport.

This mat is made from a lightweight and odourless fabric and gives maximum protection to both your darts and your floor.

It features both steel and soft tip throw line distances alongside the iconic Target logo.

It is lightweight so can be rolled up and stored away easily when not in use.

It is perfect for professional use or for an enthusiastic amateur!

• Lightweight
• Easy to store
• Great looking mat with iconic logo


SIZE: 297 x 61 x 0.4cm WEIGHT: 8.85kg

A weighty, tough-wearing mat – perfect for a club or professional use.

This is a mat that would not look out of place at a World Championship.

It is the heaviest of the mats in the review and is very much designed to be a mat that, once it is rolled out, is there to stay.

It is great underfoot and the anti-slip backing locks the mat to the floor.

It bears the legendary Winmau logo and is also marked with official tournament specification oche measurements.

• Tough, rugged rubber
• Anti-slip
• Four throwing distances.


SIZE: 237 x 80cm WEIGHT: 1.98kg

An environmentally friendly mat made from high-quality polyester.

Despite boing the lightest of the mats we are looking at, this mat will certainly go the distance, even under heavy use.

The yarn itself is made from tough polyester and the back is made from non-slip, durable latex

It has a great looking dartboard design on a green background.

It has the exact official tournament dimensions required and also gives extra room behind the line in order that the thrower can position themselves comfortably, even with a wide stance.

• Lightweight
• Anti-slip latex backing
• Professional-looking design