Dart Flights

Best Dart Flights for Your Darts

People often forget the importance of flights. They are vital to your game. They stabilize the dart as it arcs through the air toward the board.

The smallest nick or tear in the flight will change the trajectory and can mean the difference between a bullseye and an early trip back to your table. Let’s see which flights you might fancy…


Professional level flights made with the player in mind.

These great looking flights are available in a range of colours, each with the iconic
Target logo. They are a perfect balance of precision and style.

They are designed for use by pros but will also add that extra something to the amateur’s game.

They feature a spot UV print to enhance flight to shaft grip.

The pack contains 15 ID Pro Ultra No 6 Dart flights.

• Range of colours
• UV spot print
• Professional level flights


A unique fusion of tough performance laminate and a high definition translucent central display.

These flights look fantastic and are available in a nice array of colours.

They are very tough and hard-wearing, I know several people that are still using their first set nearly two weeks after getting them.

The brightly coloured central display helps greatly when you address the board with your dart. There’s nothing quite like lining the bull up in those cross-hairs!

Great, tough flights at a good price.

• Range of bright colours
• High definition display
• Long-lasting


Bulk packs of either 25 or 50 darts. A great variety at a bargain price!

If you are just starting out playing the great game of darts and you find that the odd dart ends up on the floor – then these multipacks are for you.

You get a great many flights for the money and, at this price; you won’t mind splitting the odd flight as you perfect your technique.

The colours and designs are wide-ranging and the flights themselves are well-balanced and will certainly do the job.

A great beginner’s option.

• Bargain pack
• Lots of colours and designs
• A great stepping stone to the next level


Extra thick flights from a great name in the game.

These are standard shape darts flights that are available in a wide variety of eye-catching colours and designs.

They have 100-micron thickness so you can expect them to see you through a good few darts nights before having to replace them.

They have a lovely precision balance and really help your dart to cut through the air as it arcs towards that treble twenty!

• Extra thick
• Great designs to choose from
• Long-lasting


Colourful and hardwearing flights endorsed by the player himself.

These are the flights used by the Winner of the 2020 PDC World Darts Championship, Peter Wright.

As you would expect, the flights are as colourful as Peter himself!

Choose to adorn your flight with either luminous snakes, explosive reds, yellows, and greens, or even a stylised picture of the World Champion.

They are extra-thick, long-lasting, and might even lend you a little of the ‘Wright Stuff’.

• Endorsed by Peter Wright
• Great colours
• Tough and durable.

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