Why Is Darts So Popular?

Learning More About Darts In Ireland And Further Afield

Darts is both a professional sport and a traditional pub game. The game is most commonly played in Ireland and the UK, but it is also enjoyed in other countries around the world. The sport requires two or more players. Each player throws small weighted arrows (darts) at a circular target board (the dartboard). The dartboard has various marked areas on it and players scores points by hitting specific targets.


The sport differs form sport like Archery, as the areas with the largest points available are seemly randomly allocated and do not correspond with the centre of the board. In fact, a bull’s eye in darts (which is hitting to centre point) is worth 50 points, whereas hitting the triple twenty segment is worth 60 points. In Archery, you get more point the closer to the central target your arrow strikes.

Darts in Ireland has an extensive history and the game is a much loved past time among many locals. There are a disproportionate number of top-ranking professional darts players from Ireland. It should come as no surprise since many of those born in the Republic of Ireland are introduced to the game at a young age by elderly relatives.

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When it comes to the history of darts, historical records date the game back to the 1860s where it is thought to have first been played in the UK. At the moment, there are currently 655 registered WDF ranked players and 679 PDPA ranked players. While the darts in Ireland as a professional sport has separate championships for men and women, there are no rules prohibiting women from competing in the men’s championship.

The highest governing body is the WDF (World Darts Federation). The WDF formed in 1974 and had 14 founding members.Today, membership into the federation is open to national darts governing bodies in all countries around the world.

International regulations dictate that a dartboard must be 451mm in diameter and segmented into 20 radial sections using metal wire. The highest quality dartboards are constructed from sisal fibres obtained from Brazil, East Africa or China. Cheaper versions are made from coiled paper or cork. Many of the darts in Ireland-based pubs are aimed at inexpensive dartboard made from cork.

The scoring system for darts is not difficult to learn, but it can seem unintuitive to many new players. If you are looking to learn how to play the game, visiting any pub in the UK or Ireland is arguably the best way to get started. You can almost guarantee that there will be someone in the venue that understands the game inside out and is more than willing to teach newbies.

Darts in Ireland is only likely to expand in the coming decades as technology enable more audiences to watch the sport. Many think the game is due for an update, but for a significant majority of players, darts is a game that represents a tried and trusted tradition, and any changes to the gameplay would spoil the sport.