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Best Dart Boards at Dart Shop Ireland

People have been enjoying a relaxing game of darts for over 700 years. Not surprising really when you consider that, as well as being great fun, it is easy to set up, can be played by people of all ages, quick to learn, and fun to watch.

If you have been a bit ‘board’ lately, maybe you should get one of these…


SIZE: 45.1 x 45.1 x 3.8cm|WEIGHT: 6kg

An iconic board from one of the best names in the sport.

Winmau have been making great quality dartboards for over 70 years and this one is no exception.

It complies with the World Darts federation specifications and is exclusively endorsed by the British Darts Organisation.

It has high tensile Dynamic Sector Wiring for reduced bounce-outs.

It also uses the finest robust East African super dense sisal fibres which extend the life of the board.

• Great quality brand
• Reduced bounce-outs
• Long life


SIZE: 52 x 52 x 8cm|WEIGHT: 4.52kg

As the marketing for this board states – this really is ‘darts reinvented’.

This is the board I wish that I could have had growing up – although I’m not sure my maths would be quite as good today if I had.

The board is linked via Bluetooth to an app on your phone which does the scoring for you.

The app offers a choice of 8 different games and you can even play against the computer of you are practicing alone.

It is supplied with 6 darts that can be magnetised to the board but it can be used with any other steel-tipped darts if you prefer.

• Linked to an app
• Great for making practice fun
• Six darts supplied


SIZE: 43 x 38 x 3cm|WEIGHT: 1kg

A great board to get the kids into darts – hours of family fun.

This is an enjoyable and safe board that comes supplied with six soft tip darts.

It is programmed with 25 different games which allow for an amazing 176 variations.

It is suitable for up to eight players.

It has an easy to read LCD scoring display along with a play against the computer feature.

A great board for stating out on your dart’s journey.

• Up to 8 players
• 25 different games available
• Safe, soft-tipped darts


SIZE: 42.5 x 42.5 x 2.2cm|WEIGHT: 1.3kg

A well-priced, double-sided board that allows you to play traditional darts as well as target bullseye.

This lightweight board is perfect for family fun and can be used indoors and outdoors.

It is supplied with six darts.

On one side it features a standard dartboard and, on the other, an archery type target.

At just over a kilo, the board can be taken with you to parties (or even the office!) and easily hung on a wall or door.

• Lightweight
• Two-boards in one
• Six darts supplied


SIZE (with surround): 70 x 70 x 5cm|WEIGHT: 5.74kg

A complete darts centre that is perfect for home use.

This is a great quality board with a surround that will protect your walls from the odd wayward throw.

The surround is a nice alternative to a traditional dartboard cabinet, making the board itself a feature of your games room

In addition to a great board, you will also be buying a little bit of history – Unicorn players using Unicorn darts have won more World Championships than any other brand.

Six such Championship winning darts are supplied with the board. No pressure!

• Protects the walls
• Great feature board
• Six Championship darts supplied

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